Marky Dawson is Kicking off a Weekend of Blues in Ealing

Friday July 20th at the Red Room, famous as the birthplace of British Blues and the Ealing Blues Club, and the scene of his gigs with the German Coastguard, this time he’s doing a full evening of solo Marky. Expect to be entertained!

For a limited number of guests there are tickets to a VIP pre-show event called Up Close & Personal with Marky Dawson. He will be interviewed about his influences and his music, there will be a Q&A where you will have the chance to ask him questions yourself, finishing up with a chance to have a photo with Marky. The event will last around an hour.

Tickets are available here on this page for both the gig and the Up Close & Personal pre-show event.

Just choose your ticket type and click below…but don’t hang about because when they’re gone they’re gone!

Red Rooms Tickets