Marky Dawson Sings Like Freddie Mercury and Plays Piano Like Jools Holland…

…and now you can download one of his songs for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Marky Dawson!

“A breath of fresh air!” Bob Bonsey (Blues Matters)

“Here’s Marky Dawson” – Dave Freeman (Blues & Boogie, Jazz FM)

(deathly silence) – Freddie Mercury (well, he died before Marky was born)

“Wow! Marky plays entire gigs with the high energy most only finish with!” – Colin Peel (Praying Mantis)

Still in his mid-20s, Marky is a glittering talent. Not only a great singer and piano player, but a great song-writer too. With countless influences from Elton John and Billy Joel to Led Zeppelin and Jerry Lee Lewis, he moves effortlessly between styles and always puts his own twist on everything he plays. At only 5’1″ (1.55m) it is fair to say he may be one of the world’s smallest Piano Men, with one of the biggest voices.

For someone so young he has his own distinct sound and feel, and his energy and enthusiasm will brighten up any part of your day. If you like your blues, your rock’n’roll and your piano legends then Marky is right up your street. And he’s playing in the key that will open the door to your soul.

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