I’m Kicking off the Weekend of Blues in Ealing this year!

Marky Dawson Red Room Friday 20th July

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Here’s the latest Marky Monday video with all you need to know about the Red Room gig on Friday 20th July 2018. Get your tickets here!

Hendrix and Handel

Marky Dawson and the Swinging 60 Bus Hendrix Tour

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“Separated by a wall and 200 years are the homes of two musicians who chose London and changed music” reads the pamphlet presented to us as we walk into the back entrance of 25 Brook Street,Mayfair. Central London. Its’s true, George Fredric Handel, the Baroque composer, took up residence at the building in 1723 and […]

The Ark – Clamour For Glamour

The Ark Barfly London Feb 2006

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I’m inspired by all different kinds of music, and love hearing about music from all around he world. My manager and friend Adrian introduced me to the Swedish band The Ark. A band with quite an extensive and productive career. They were founded in 1991, but it would be the best part of ten years […]

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